Tiffany Barnard

Palma de Mallorca

Sobre mí

Acreditaciones EMCC:


As a life coach my role is to support ambitious personalities, to discover and reach their full potential, increase their self-confidence, boost their motivation, achieve clarity and construct an enduring success in a way that navigates the hard parts but keeps the balance with their skills, values, visions and goals, always ensuring that they thrive in the long term.Through my coaching my clients are able to change their mindset, gain self-confidence and self-awareness, improve communication skills, increase motivation, all of which assists in unlocking their full potential and as a result they succeed in accomplishing their goals and meeting their objectives. My coaching is designed to give each client a bespoke programme that is built around a structure of extensive support from me on a weekly basis, so that my clients are able to clarify their goals and developmental objectives and as a result they unleash their potential and quickly realise their successes.


I specialise in Executive and Personal Development coaching which in general terms means that I assist my clients to find clarity about the business and lifestyle changes that they truly want to create and what they need in order to get there.I assist my clients in turning their entrepreneurship and business ideas into concrete plans of action, helping them to stop spinning their wheels and identify exactly what action to take next. I help them to get unstuck by aiding them in identifying the current and/or possible roadblocks, be that lack of skills, resources or mindsets and strategise solutions for overcoming them.I offer courses that are based on the principals of REBT that coaches my clients to empower their beliefs and take back control of their lives.I offer courses in mindfulness that assists my clients in developing their peace of mind, informal mindfulness, manage their thoughts and emotions and lead happier, healthier and more awakened lives.