Maria Kelly


Sobre mi

Mentor, Coach
Acreditaciones EMCC: EIA Practitioner


Hi I’m Maria! 

A Business Mentor & Coach. I help bold leaders who care about their people develop their leadership skills and grow their business.  

I use the breadth of experience and the business acumen acquired over two decades working as a Senior Executive in the corporate world to do what I love:  

Help founders and business owners  

  • Get unstuck  
  • Deal with the challenges of the role 
  • Learn leadership skills  
  • Take care of their people 
  • Inspire their teams into action 
  • Create the business of their dreams 

I’ve lived in Geneva, New York, London and now Barcelona and work with clients internationally. 

I’m Irish-Swiss, speak fluent French, am learning Spanish and drive people crazy trying to place my accent! 

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A Business Executive Leader at Sotheby’s, one of the world’s leading auction houses, for over two decades. I led global teams and businesses generating hundreds of millions in sales annually. 

In 2020, exiting the corporate life I took some “me time” to finally do all the stuff I never had time for, moved to Spain, learned a new language and created my own business. 

Another of my accomplishments was to become an ICF Accredited Coach and this is now the glue that brings my skills, passion and experience together. 

You can find more details on my professional experience on LinkedIn


Diploma in transformational coaching – Animas Centre for Coaching – 21.06.2021