David Leslie Ince

Mijas, Malaga

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Mentor, Coach
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Soy un empresario británico, líder empresarial y entrenador. Operé como presidente o director ejecutivo durante más de 25 años desarrollando personas y negocios. I am a British entrepreneur, business leader and coach. I graduated in Life Sciences at Liverpool University specialising in Genetics and Psychology. My business training was developed at Shell and IBM. Over the next 25 years I operated as Chairman or Chief Executive of many enterprises ranging from the small privately-owned start-up to much larger Publically Listed Companies. I raised finance, acquired companies, re-structured organisations and grew businesses internationally to achieve rapid growth and improved customer satisfaction. I am a qualified executive and business coach, mindfulness teacher and trained with the UK College of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy in ‘Hypno-CBT’. Today I combine my passion for helping people to achieve their ambitions with my enthusiasm for developing their businesses.


Soy un coach de negocios, ejecutivo y de vida británico que trabaja con personas y las desarrolla para que tomen buenas decisiones para su futuro y bienestar. Soy mentor de Ejecutivos de Negocios en el crecimiento y desarrollo de sus negocios. Me especializo en la reducción del estrés. I am a British Business, Executive and Life Coach working with and developing individuals to make good choices for their future and well being. I mentor Business Executives in growing and developing their businesses. I specialise in stress reduction.